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Mission Statement
The Warwick Police Athletic League ("PAL")" was formed in 1971 by officers of the Warwick Police Department for the purpose of sponsoring athletic programs for the children of the City of Warwick. The primary objective of PAL is to promote the physical, mental and moral wellbeing of the children of our community through their participation in PAL sponsored programs. It is a further objective of PAL to install in our children the ability to participate in team sports and to compete in a fair and sportsmanlike manner, in turn prepares our children for the challenges and responsibility of adulthood and citizenship. Additionally, PAL's programs instruct children of the democratic principles and traditions upon which our society is based and to strengthen their sense of community as well as fostering a relationship between our children and the officers of the Warwick Police Department. Warwick PAL is more than a sports or recreation program, in that PAL strives to develope responsibility, character and leadership values in boys and girls, while generating their respect for law and order. PAL endeavors to enhance a child's self-esteem by channeling their energies in worthwhile directions, supporting and encouraging interest during a child's formative years. Warwick PAL does not descriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, physical or mental handicap or nation of origin.



The business affairs of the Warwick Police Athletic League, Inc. are conducted by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of the Chief of Police of the Warwick Police Department, active and or retired Warwick Police Officers and citizen members of our community. Each Board Member is elected to a defined term and serves on one or two working committees of the Board


Officer William Castaldi

Executive Director