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Warwick PAL is a non-profit organization dedicated to benefiting the youth of Warwick.  WPAL does not want financial capability to be in any way an inhibitor to children participating in a program. We recognize that the cost of registration and that the purchase price of equipment can be significant. If these costs are a burden then Warwick PAL is prepared to provide assistance by way of reduced registration fees. WPAL will offer a set number of Financial Assistance Packages each season for players who have requested assistance by the deadline. Please follow the below instructions if you would like to apply for the upcoming season.  

All inquiries will be held in strict confidence.

To apply for Financial Assistance please go to the "About Warwick PAL" tab and contact the Exectutive Director. All requests must be made no later than 60 days prior to the start of the current season.

All applicants will be notified if they will receive financial assistance, and the amount of the assistance within two weeks of receiving the request.