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The Warwick Police Athletic League's Goals and Philosophy

     The goal of Warwick PAL's youth sports program is to provide athletic programs for Warwick's youth that's fun, exciting, inspiring, and promotes self confidence.
     Our philosophy focuses on motivating young adults so their own personnel goals whatever they may be are  reached. Fundamentals are stressed while the ideals of respect, healthy competition, teamwork, and fair play are promoted. Sportsmanship will
never be compromised, and will be the underlying creed of our program.

     Warwick PAL youth sports program will meet it's overall goals through the following objectives:

  1. Bring area youths together through a common interest in athletic competition.
  2. Provide a supervised, organized,and safety orientated learning enviroment.
  3. Teach children the fundamentals of youth sports and sportmanship.
  4. Collaborate closely with area high schools such as Pilgrim High School, Veterans Memorial High School, Toll Gate High School,and Bishop Hendricken High School. 
  5. Provide the opportunity to practice and play without the presence of pressure to win at all cost and to ensure that the coaches and volunteers have personal goals that support these objectives.